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luv368 You May Never Go Home

You May Never Go Home

he wakes up every morning in his beautiful apartment, goes to his ideal job, earns enough to live a satisfying and comfortable life. but lately he finds himself feeling too comfortable and less satisfied, in fact he is even a little bored. he needs to shake things up, break free from the monotony of his routine, even if only for a little while. a vacation, that’s what he needs.

searching for the ideal holiday he stumbles upon a travel agency specializing in “extreme” vacation destinations whose slogan is “vacations so good you may never go home!” intrigued he sets up an appointment that day and heads on over to their office to discuss options. when he arrives he is sat at a table with two representatives who go right into their spiel. they talk about exotic locales with lots of excitement, about being taken out of your element to gain a new understanding of the world and yourself. emphasizing that it will be an experience he will never forget.

completely sold on the idea and very much ready to go on an adventure the agency reps hand him a pen and a contract. hastily going over the details he signs on the dotted line, thrilled at finally getting the change of pace he was yearning for. then something from inside the pen pricks his finger. suddenly he starts feeling woozy, voices get muffled, his vision blurs and he passes out.

after what feels like an eternity of drugged unconsciousness he wakes up lying on the floor of a less than reputable establishment that he does not recognize. as he tries to stand he notices that people around him are speaking in a language he doesn’t understand and can’t place. he reaches for his cell phone and wallet, but they are gone. leaving the barroom he steps out into bright daylight onto a street he’s never been on before. this is when he realizes that he is in a foreign country with no money and no passport.

this is the adventure the agency had planned. they would strand him in a far off land with nothing and see if he can find his way home. so still a bit dazed but determined, with a will to survive and no other options, he sets off on an adventure homeward bound.

this deep dive into original movie scores is an attempt to soundtrack his journey.

  1. Mexican Dream (alt.) (from Colpo Rovente) – Piero Piccioni – Easy Tempo (1970/1999)
  2. To Jean (from Kill!) – Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont – General Music / The Omni Recording Company / The Roundtable (1972/2014)
  3. On The Tumbril (from The Omega Man) – Ron Grainer – Silva Screen Records (1971/2018) > buy link
  4. Nella Moschea (from Kill!) – Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont – General Music / The Omni Recording Company / The Roundtable (1972/2014)
  5. Silver Ball (Věra In Cameo) (from IKARIE XB-1) – Zdeněk Liška – Finders Keepers Records (1963/2019) > buy link
  6. It’s All Yours (from Sitting Target) – Stanley Myers – Finders Keepers Records (1971/2006)
  7. Cloquet’s Parrots / Midnight Sunrise (from Naked Lunch) – Howard Shore / Ornette Coleman / London Philharmonic Orchestra – Milan / Mondo (1992/2016) > buy link
  8. Untitled Percussion Composition (from Shadows) – Charles Mingus – Doxy Cinematic (1959/2015)
  9. No Dining Allowed (from Murderer’s Row) – Lalo Schifrin – RCA Victor (1967) > buy link
  10. Battle At Piz Gloria (from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) – John Barry – United Artists Records (1969) > buy link
  11. La Dimostrazione (from Metralleta Stein) – Daniele Patucchi – CAM / Cinedelic Records (1974/2015) > buy link
  12. The Really Big Heist (from The Thief Who Came To Dinner) – Henry Mancini – Warner Bros. (1973)
  13. Running Out Of Time (from Miracle Mile) – Tangerine Dream – Private Music (1989)
  14. Back To Earth (from Chappaqua) – Ravi Shankar – Columbia Masterworks (1966) > buy link
  15. The Shark Cage Fugue (from Jaws) – John Williams – MCA / Mondo (1975/2017) > buy link
  16. Videophonic (from Kamikaze 1989) – Edgar Froese – Virgin (1982)
  17. Cadavre En Série (from Le Pacha) (from Le Pacha) – Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier – Wewantsounds (1968/2018) > buy link
  18. Cue 6M2 / 1M2 (from The Family Way) – Paul McCartney – Decca (1967) > buy link
  19. Catalogo Completo (from La Cosa Cómica a.k.a. La Cosa Buffa) – Ennio Morricone – Cinevox / Diresa (1972/1973) > buy link
  20. Main Title (from Reach The Rock) – John McEntire – Hefty Records (1998)
  21. short theme from Bruce Lee’s Game Of Death – John Barry – TAM (1978)


luv367 Electro Superstructure no 51

Electro Superstructure no. 51

welcome to Electro Superstructure no. 51. open up your mind and let your ears crawl around inside the complex framework firmly built on a foundation of ancient synths and drum machine clatter. flow freely through the architecture of electronic construction and come out the other end stronger, faster & wiser, but still more human than machine.
image : The Honeycomb Kid
  1. Krunk – Hydraulix – Touchin’ Bass (2004)
  2. You Don’t Know – Drexciya – Underground Resistance / Clone Classic Cuts (1996/2013) > buy link
  3. Winning Signal – Bell – Soul Jazz (2003) > buy link
  4. Perverted Truth – Himadri – Plus 8 Records (1994) ***
  5. Walking With Clouds – Transllusion – Supremat / Tresor (2001/2014) > buy link
  6. Piledriver – Single Cell Orchestra – Astralwerks (1996)
  7. untitled (track 1 , side B of Codebreaker 12″) – UR – Underground Resistance (1997)
  8. Thin Hair – Repeat – Pure Plastic (1999)
  9. 10ft Bass – The Octagon Man – Electron Industries (1997)
  10. 8_OP – Lowfish – Satamile Records (2006)
  11. Reuniq – Ruxpin – Uni:form Recordings (1999)
  12. Flux – Shifted Phases – Tresor (2002)
  13. Machine Maid – Two Lone Swordsmen – Warp (2000) > buy link
  14. Sonar Base #6 – Sonar Base – U-Trax / Deeptrax Records (1997/2017) > buy link
  15. Diagram 2 (Original Mix) – D’Arcangelo – Rephlex (2006)
***track played at wrong speed, on 45rpm instead of 33rpm.