luv459 Everything Will Probably Be Alright

Everything Will Probably Be Alright

everything you know is wrong. everything good is bad and everything bad is good. also, nobody cares.
phew! isn’t that a relief! ‘cos if nothing really matters than all of the expectations and societal pressures we put ourselves under to constantly perform and produce also don’t matter! there’s a kind of freedom to this notion of “cheery nihilism”.
here’s a mix that attempts to cover our collective existential dread in a veil of musical whimsy. enjoy the beauty you can find and revel in life’s absurdities because if nothing matters why wouldn’t you?
photo : Dirk Krause House.
  1. Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog – Norma Tanega – New Voice Records / Real Gone Music (1966/2019)
  2. World Planets – Art Pettibone – Tiger Records / The Iron Mountain Analogue Research Facility (1968/2019)
  3. Tomorrow Is So Uncertain – Celestine Ukwu and his Philosophers National – Philips / Mississippi Records (1973/2022)
  4. It Comes On Anyhow – Lothar and the Hand People – Capitol / See For Miles Records Ltd. (1968/1986)
  5. Life Time Dub – King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Hot Stuff / Jamaican Recordings (1975/2014)
  6. Everything Good Is Bad – The Politicians ft. McKinley Jackson – Hot Wax / Demon Records (1972/2019)
  7. Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam – Bill Nelson – Mercury (1981)
  8. New Mexico Dream – The Residents – Ralph Records / New Ralph Too / Cherry Red / MVD Audio (1974/1978/2023)
  9. Older – They Might Be Giants – Restless Records / Idlewild Recordings (2001/2022)
  10. Wrong – Family Fodder – Fresh Records (1980)
  11. Welcome To The Internet – Bo Burnham – Imperial (2022)
  12. StopStart – The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet And The Museum Of Modern Insect Art With The Office Of Woodland Security Present Tylenol And Adida The Deadly Ballerina Featuring The Chillbot Slider, The Push Button Master, The White Hot Funkbot, And Maybe Dr. Idiotbot If It Can Make It – Ta-Da Records (2004)
  13. Do You Realize?? (T.P.S. Remix) – The Flaming Lips – Warner Bros. (2003/2023)
  14. Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries – Blaze Foley – Fat Possum Records (1976/2010)
  15. Nobody Cares – Jimmie Pearson and the Melody Boys – Dixie Records / The Iron Mountain Analogue Research Facility (1960/2017)
  16. Look On The Bright Side Of Life (All Things Dull And Ugly) – Monty Python – Warner Bros. (1979)
  17. Beautiful – The Lemon Twigs – 4AD (2017)
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