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luv436 Heritage Rave

Heritage Rave

earlier this year the University Of Manchester released an article titled ’If God is a DJ’: Heritage Rave, the Ageing Raver and the Bodywork of the DJ by Helen Homes, Nick Crossley and Graeme Park. In it they “explore the revival of rave music in the UK, reporting original research findings and focusing, in particular, upon two emergent themes: (1) the lived experience of the ageing raver, and its embodied and collective nature; and (2) the changing role of the DJ. …how rave’s revival constitutes a form of heritage which is crucial to the UK’s creative economy and we illustrate how heritage rave events provide a collective space for ageing ravers to relive times, music and dances of old. A further finding centres upon the ways in which reviving rave and reframing it in terms of heritage has transformed the position and role of the DJ. Having been a background figure in rave’s first wave, the DJ has become a centralised and revered figure within the heritage rave sector.”

around the same time this paper came out a request was made by an old skool rave buddy for a 55th birthday mixtape. as i started working on it i realized it is also the 30th anniversary of the first rave i ever attended (Solstice in Montreal, 1993). since part of my rational for collecting this music was to help preserve it for the folks i partied with, here’s a Heritage Rave mixtape for all the old ravers out there, forever young in our minds.
image : a little Bob Newhart for Jane
  1. Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco – Warp / Kompakt Extra (1990/2005)
  2. Total Confusion (Reprise) – A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Tam Tam Records (1990)
  3. Total Confusion (Heavenly Mix) – A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Tam Tam Records (1990)
  4. Nebula 1 – Nebula – G-Zone (1988)
  5. Feel The Drop (Renaissance Mix) – B.M. EX – Union City Recordings / Arctic (1992/1993)
  6. Arrival (Dub) – Revelation – Atmosphere Records (1990)
  7. Slid (Gildub) – Fluke – Circa (1993)
  8. Fresh Momentum – Rhythm Invention – Warp (1993)
  9. Eyes (The Depth Charge Dub) – Midi Rain – Vinyl Solution / Flying International (1991)
  10. Ulysses (The Groove) – Jolly Roger ft. E-Mix – Desire Records (1989)
  11. Thelma (Fallout Mix) – Sandmen – Warp (1993)
  12. 3 Moods In A Gurple Parden (remix by Robbie Hardkiss) – Hawke – Hardkiss (1993)
  13. So This Is Love – Mental Cube – Debut / (1991/2020)
  14. Subsonic Trance – Joey Beltram – R&S Records (1990/2023)
  15. Sal Batardes – Nightmares On Wax – Warp (1990)
  16. Logan’s Running – Todd Terry – TNT Records / Freeze Records (1992)
  17. 20 Hz – Capricorn – Global Cuts (1993)
  18. Crime – Orbital – FFRR (1992)
  19. Single Minded People – Jaydee – R&S Records / Downtown (1993)
  20. Acid Job – Kekkotronics & LTJ – Irma CasaDiPrimordine (1989/1993)
  21. Rockers To Rockers (Phat Lips Mix) – Original Rockers – Different Drummer (1993)
  22. Forever Young – Southern Fried Kickin’ – SOUR (1993)