what is luv?

luv is a disc jockey, and these days is also known as sweet daddy luv. A fixture on the Montreal scene since the early nineties, he has made a name for himself as a slinger of an eclectic mix of musical styles reflecting the best of the old school and the cutting edge of the new school. The sweet daddy has numerous club residencies and one off DJ gigs under his belt and has played with the best; proving himself a doppelganger of musical forms with the ability and deep record collection to mix any style necessary to rock and shock the party. His most recent speakerbox endeavors include the THUMP night (with Mark Vicente and The One Tash, where “house is a feeling”) and the Jazz Amnesty Sound System (with co-founder Andy Williams).

For 12 years luv helped run North American operations for the mighty Ninja Tune (including sister labels Big Dada and Counter Records), honing his skills at a multitude of Ninja related events. During this time he also helped start up the experimental audio/visual label, C0C0S0L1DC1T1, which spawned the release of three solo albums under two different pseudonyms: Identification’s Identify, The Dorkestra’s Merry Tales and Fractured Melodies and the latest Identification release, 2010’s Slinkity Sounds. The sweet daddy has many aliases and was known for a time as the Chillbot Slider; a member of The Nanobot Auxiliary Ballet… who released a self-titled album and EP. In the midst of all this activity he has djed, performed live and spread luv, all over North America, Europe and Australia.

sweet daddy luv continues to come correct from deep within the Record Canyon so keep your ear to the ground… sound good

what is djluvsrecords.com?

djluvsrecords.com is what it sounds like, lovingly hand picked selections from dj luv’s record collection. With over 100 years of recorded music out there, and more coming out every minute, wouldn’t it be nice to have a well worn disc jockey go through this wealth of music and offer up the nuggets for you?

Deep within the Record Canyon great music of all ages is herded into a finely blended mix of aural treasures you never knew you needed to know. All genres of music have something of worth, but usually one has to wade through at least 90% of unoriginal, uninspired or just plain bad tracks to find it. Let me guide your sonic caravan through the wide open plains of the internet to a safe oasis that quenches your thirst with the sounds of luv.

The site is about my love of music and desire to spread these wonderful sounds to my friends and family and their friends and family (and so on). All podcasts follow old skool mixtape rules (one continuous live mix). Included are track listings with buy links (where possible) to encourage people to search out the music they discover here and buy an original copy (physical and/or digital). If we don’t support good music who will? If anyone has information about any of my missing buy links please send the info my way and I will amend the listing.

Welcome to djluvsrecords.com, come listen.

***Any questions, concerns, buy link information or just plain kind words can be sent to info@djluvsrecords.com.

feel free to connect via facebook and twitter for updates on when new mixes go up, when I am playing shows and other random non sequiturs.

dues owed

A mega thanks to Anders Bell who has selflessly helped me design this website.

Plus a proper thank you to Paul Watson for having the steady hands to draw the dj luv’s records logo.

The background image is from a good friend and great photographer Stephen Lebovits, thanks for this image and the many others used for mixtapes.

Much luv to all my family and friends that have supported me in my endeavors. I hope you all enjoy the tunes.

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