luv342 Inside The Alien Machine

Inside The Alien Machine

for almost 15 years now i have been designing nanobots that can record audio and video in very small places. a few months ago the Canadian government contracted me to bring my nanobot technology to a remote place in the Yukon where an alien ship had been discovered. when i arrived they took me to what they suspected was the engine of the craft. it was an odd shaped box, the size of a small suitcase, that was encased in a smooth, hard plastic. there were no lights, displays or buttons and it made no sound. the only way we knew it was was functioning is that it had an almost imperceptible vibration to the touch. it’s only discernible feature was a small port. i was instructed to send one of my nanobots into this port and to record audio and visual of the insides so they could better understand the technology. my little machine traveled for almost 38 minutes into the depths of this alien machine before it was destroyed and the transmission was lost. unfortunately something inside the machine messed with my nanobot’s video capabilities and only a few stills were recorded. luckily the entire audio was recorded and this is what i present to you here today. i was forbidden to share this information but i thought the world needed to hear it.
photo : random still taken from inside the machine at the 31 min. 27 sec. point of the nanobot’s journey.
  1. Marshalling Yard – Maria Teresa Luciani – Fama srl / Finders Keepers Records (1972/2017) > buy link
  2. Ruston & Monotron – Moebius – Bureau B (2011/2017) > buy link
  3. Tankakern – Autechre – Warp (2008) > buy link
  4. Testicular Fortitude (edit) – Masami Akita & Russell Haswell – Warp (2002)
  5. Time Traveling Lives – Otto Von Schirach – Schematic (2001) > buy link
  6. Supreme Cunnilingus – Actress – Honest Jon’s Records (2010) > buy link
  7. Electric Guitar – Wishmountain & The Rhebus Project – Evolution (1996)
  8. end of the Rinse Side of Ultimate Care II – Matmos – Thrill Jockey (2016) > buy link
  9. Taanga – Speedy J – NovaMute (2003)
  10. Ferm – The Fear Ratio – Skam (2015) > buy link
  11. Pilot – Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch – Epic / ASG (2017) > buy link
  12. Surgeon Remake 1 – Surgeon – Tresor (1999)
  13. Motor2 – Gescom – Source Records (1994)
  14. .0180871L – AFX – Rephlex (1993/2002)
  15. Alternate Histories – Claude Speeed ft. Kuedo – Planet Mu (2017) > buy link
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