We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams

this is an epic rave come down mixtape made up of tracks from a handful of rave come down mixtapes that my crew wore out back in the day. it’s a ‘7 A.M. Drug 2 Groove 2’ inspired by DJ DB, Tiga, the Interchill brothers and all the folks I used to after party with. much luv.
photo curated & created by Stephen Lebovits
  1. Little Fluffy Clouds – The Orb – Wau! Mr. Modo Records / Island (1991) > buy link
  2. Cantamilla (Broadcast Standard) – Tranquility Bass – Exist Dance (1994) > buy link
  3. We Are The Beautiful (Spookys Extravaganja Dub Mix) – Chapterhouse – Dedicated (1993)
  4. Breakdown (William Orbit Stereo Odyssey) – One Dove – FFRR (1993)
  5. One Too Many Mornings – The Dust Brothers – Collect Boys Own (1994) > buy link
  6. Higher Than The Sun – Primal Scream – Creation Records (1991) > buy link
  7. Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q Mix) – The Future Sound Of London – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ (1992) > buy link
  8. Stoned (Gold Seal Mix) – The Groove Corporation meet oRiginal Rockers – The Cake Label (1993)
  9. Panther (Coco Steel & Lovebomb Remix) – Ultramarine – Dali Records (1993)
  10. Halcyon… – Orbital – FFRR (1992)
  11. Birthday (Justin Robertson 12″ Mix) – The Sugarcubes – One Little Indian Records (1992)
  12. River Of Bass – Underworld – Junior Boy’s Own (1994) > buy link
  13. Crazy (Acoustic Version) – Seal – ZTT Records (1990) > buy link
  14. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix In Two Halves) – St. Etienne – Warner Bros. (1991)
  15. Who Is It (Moby’s Raw Mercy Dub) – Michael Jackson – Epic (1991)
  16. We Are The Music Makers – Aphex Twin – R&S Records (1992) > buy link
  17. Spiritual High (The Very Original Mix) – Moodswings – Arista (1991)
  18. Dalai Lama Loves You All – Kissing The Pink – Custer’s Last Stand Records (1993)
  19. Daydreaming – Massive Attack – Wild Bunch Records (1990) > buy link
  20. Pacific State (Origin) – 808 State – ZZT (1989)
  21. Move (Volume Remix) – Moby – Volume (1993)
  22. Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix) – Sabres Of Paradise – Warp (1993) > buy link
  23. Dreams (7″ Version) – Gabrielle – Go! Discs (1993) > buy link
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6 thoughts on “luv123

  1. Totally gorgeous mix, dude! Every one of these tracks was something special during those rave days, which is apparent by the magic they still deliver upon listening. So SWEET!! Thanks for this one. “Epic rave come down mixtape” indeed. Absolute beauty.

  2. Been listening to your mix here a lot, it is a megasweet one for sure. Question though, sound quality is low on several tracks, not wax? Tapes? just curious, now that I have titles I’m seeking to buy, my friend in Italy has a lot of these he can sell to me, thanks for the playlist! Keep up the Luv!

  3. i’m happy you enjoyed this mix (it was made for you and our buddies from back in the day =0). all of it was done with vinyl, but they weren’t always pressed amazingly well. also happy that you are searching these titles out, good luck. hope yer swell.

  4. Doing great Lew, just got married. My friends here all love this mix, and I am very grateful for it too, thanks, you know how to keep the hidden truth alive!

  5. congratulations Ginga, I hope you are happy and best wishes on your new partnership. very happy you are digging this mix, you turned me on to lot of those tracks when you brought out that batch of DB tapes. those tapes influenced me a lot. much luv to you are yours.

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